About Nebula Data Intel

Elevating Medicine Through Intelligent Data

Nebula Data Intel, LLC (NDI), formed in 2017, is a med-fin tech company working to introduce revolutionary technology that captures, refines and redistributes medical data. The long-term vision for Nebula Data Intel is to create an open marketplace for data where all types of data, not just medical, can be bought and sold – establishing data as a commodity. This data will flow to the data marketplace from different NDI collection programs.

Business Model

The data garnered through the NDI Surgical platform can be used across industries to monitor supply costs, long-term surgical outcomes, pharmaceutical usage, and more. Through our platform, the Nebula Data Intel Marketplace, this data will be available for sale in multiple formats to meet the needs of all customers. Data may be purchased as raw, pre-packaged, analyzed or via a concierge service on a one-time or subscription basis. The NDI Marketplace platform will also support the sale and integration of 3rd party data.

In addition to the marketplace, our real-time data will be used to create multiple indices that could be traded on exchanges such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) or the InterContinental Exchange (ICE).

To ensure the security and immutability of the medical data, blockchain and smart contract technology will be utilized during collection and the sales process.

Rapid growth is expected in the US and internationally both in collecting medical data and in attracting companies, hospitals and universities to our platform. There is a strong value proposition for these entities to, not only buy and sell data, but to improve patient safety and elevate medicine worldwide.

NDI has identified 12 verticals that will benefit from real-time medical data collection.

Program Overview

NDI has developed a patented process for gathering data within outpatient surgical facilities. Participating facilities will receive a tablet pre-loaded with procedure preference cards specific to their location. The data collected from the tablet will be de-identified and flow to a secure cloud database where the data can then be fed to the NDI Marketplace for sale.

The process collects six types of datasets:

  • Supply purchases
  • Usage data
  • Outcome data
  • Pharmaceutical usage
  • Insurance
  • Patient satisfaction data

The data collected through this process is also fed back to the participating surgery centers to allow them to establish best practices, make real-time business decisions and improve patient outcomes.

Blockchain Technology

NDI utilizes blockchain technology for added benefits including increased security, no single point of failure, reduced exposure to hacking, a scalable structure, decreased potential for downtime and near instantaneous data analysis.