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This FAQ section focuses primarily on NDI and our cryptocurrency efforts, including our ICO. For a deeper explanation of our services, compliance, and answers to common questions for our facility partners, please see this separate FAQ page.


What is Nebula Data Intel (NDI)?

Nebula Data Intel, LLC., powered, in part by, the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), is a new, data collection program that collects outpatient surgery facilities’ clinical and operational data to deliver value and key insights like never before. NDI will provide meaningful insights to patient safety, benchmarking data, medical outcomes, product usage, and patient satisfaction in aggregate and by specialty.

Where does NDI get its data? Is it valid?

Our data is collected from participating outpatient surgery facilities during outpatient surgical procedures. Data is obtained for multiple specialties.

We have partnered with Harvard statisticians to maximize the data value and ensure that our data is statistically relevant. To ensure the data maintains its relevance and statistical significance, it will be internally monitored for quality control and random samples will be audited for QA.

Is NDI compliant?

All data is de-identified and HIPAA compliant.

Who can provide data?

In the US, any outpatient surgery facility can work with NDI to provide data. Internationally, any hospital, university, research center or corporation can participate. Participation is completely voluntary and does not require that you have AAAASF-accreditation. Facilities are compensated based on the frequency and amount of data provided with revenue tiers set to be established as the company begins to generate revenue.

Facilities that provide data will have access to online dashboards that include:

  • Facilities’ benchmarking data including cases, procedures, and complications rates, by specialty.
  • Benchmarking of patient satisfaction outcomes.

The data will also allow medical staff to spot and react to practice trends early. Information may help them introduce greater efficiencies into their practices, providing an incentive for initial adoption during alpha and beta testing, as well as into the future.

How will NDI generate revenue?

While we are initially seeking an ICO to generate funding, the company has long-term plans in place to generate revenue as we encourage more centers to join us. NDI will package and sell the data we collect after it has been fully anonymized. This data will be sold to companies to provide insights into medicine that are unavailable today.

Sales of the data will provide the revenue needed to be able to develop the technology and provide the facilities the needed equipment and benchmarking at no charge.

Who can sell data on our platform?

Any hospital, university, research center or corporation can sell data on our platform.

Who is your competition in the space?

While some companies provide small sections of data covering individual elements of our capabilities, NDI has not identified a single competitor that offers a dataset that is as timely, complete, robust or accurate as our information.

Our competitive advantage is in our support of real-time capture of relevant data in a dynamic environment that can lead to real-time decision-making and practice support.

Token and Sale

What is the NDIGOLD?

NDIGOLD TM is the token used to generate revenue and purchase some data and services from NDI once our platform launches. It will also serve as a preferred stock security token, making it a potential investment vehicle.

Please see our whitepaper and token economics page for more details.

How are dividends determined?

If determined by the Board, noncumulative dividends may be declared and paid out of funds lawfully available therefore on the Tokens on a quarterly basis. The Board intends that Dividends, if any, will be declared on the last day of the second month after the end of each fiscal quarter (each a “Dividend Declaration Date”). If a Dividend is declared by the Board, NDI will calculate an amount equal to 10% of NDI’s Adjusted Gross Revenue for the most recently completed fiscal quarter (the “Dividend Amount”).

Adjusted Gross Revenue is Revenue, net, less Cost of Sales, which is equivalent to Gross Profit, as reported in NDI’s financial statements.

If a Dividend is declared, the Dividend Amount shall be paid within five calendar days of the Dividend Declaration Date, pro rata to the participating Token holders.

Who can participate in the STO?

NDI will open its Security Token Offering to any interested buyers that meet the specific legal requirements for their country. There will be KYC and AML verification requirements as well as potential other compliance requirements based on the purchaser’s location.

Companies seeking to use NDIGold TM to acquire services or data from the NDI marketplace may need to meet further verification or compliance thresholds per local and federal jurisdictions concerning patient information.